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Aged Ai-zome Leather (Dyed with rare natural indigo dye)

Things transform over time, and for leather, we call this transforming phase the “maturing of leather”. And further down the line, there is aged leather.
We will introduce the beautiful transformation of Ai-zome leather products as well as ways to maintain them so that it matures well.

  • Brand New

  • card holder with 1 years of service.
    Reference price 10,000yen(Without tax)

  • Brand New

  • Business card holder with 4 years of service.
    Reference price 12,000yen(Without tax)

With heavy use, a gloss will surface, and Japan blue will appear deep within.


With long use, leather will dry and collect scratches by nails, etc.
There are several maintenance tips we recommend for this.

Improving Durability

Cleaning the surface simply with soft, dry cloth is an important maintenance process, but applying leather conditioning cream every 3 to 6 months will provide appropriate amount of oil to the leather which will lessen the wear and tear of leather and increase durability, and will also provide protection from dirt, etc.

Dirt Protection

Please apply anti-dirt cream periodically.
Using it together with cleaner solution will lead to less dirt collection.

(For reference, when shoes are exceptionally dirty)
Leather cleaning solutions
There are cleaning solutions specifically for leather so please follow the direction and apply to your leather.

Caring for leather

Cleaning Part 1

Gently brush the leather.
Dirt tend to collect in the stiches so gently dry buff with a soft cloth.

Cleaning Part 2

Apply the cleaner to a sponge and make white foam.
Apply the foam with the sponge directly onto the area with dirt
and rub gently in a circular motion.
Wipe off the dirty foam with a soft cloth and dry the leather completely.

Moisturizing cream

Apply small portion of cream for leather onto a clean dry cloth
and thin it out evenly over the surface of the leather.
After drying completely, dry buff with a soft cloth.

Avoid direct sunlight and dry well.
※Maintenance kits for leather are available so read directions and cautions carefully before use.

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